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Leilani Leeane, Mike Deez

Nubile young black college slut Leilani Leanne knows exactly what she has to do to break into the rap vid business. As she poses for dude Mike Deez, she hitches up her short skirt to reveal the fact that she is wearing slutty little stockings and no thongs! Soon the perfect body, tattooed cutie is stark naked, spreading her legs on the sofa and showing off her pink in all its glory. Mike is a red blooded guy and he can't help but get down between her legs and start lapping away at that playful coochie! Leilani's pumping tight, and she makes Mike squirt his load in record time; she daintily jerks the warm cream out onto her own tongue.

Comments(0) 4 February 2023, 9:34 pm

Codi Bryant, TJ Cummings

Sexy Codi Bryant is the kind of hottie that anyone would love to see shakin' her anus in the background of any rap movie. She walks in to see TJ Cummings to try to get an audition with her beautiful huge boobies just about to burst out of her top. Stupid TJ acts almost too good for this stunner, but when she shows him how oversize her moist anus is, he can't ignore her anymore. He's gotta bang this model! He's gotta bang her good and hard so he can know that she'll fit in the music vid... and fit around his massive white penis.

Comments(0) 29 January 2023, 2:11 pm


Jas was so eager to please that we *almost* felt bad getting her to audition for us knowing full well there was no way she'd end up in a rap vid. Notice we said 'almost' because once she starting blowing our meatsticks we felt a whole lot better!

Comments(0) 3 January 2023, 1:54 pm

Dena Caly, Jenner

Innocent black teen Kelly really wants to be like the stars she watches on MTV, so she jumps at the chance for an audition to be a star. However, the test photo shoot starts to go horribly wrong when she gets convinced by her white photographer to strip out of her bikini and show her cute titties and gorgeous ass - but she complies, hungry for that record deal! The little tramp ends up getting fucked right then and there, sucking the guy's cock and then he goes crazy on that ass, rutting the black whore like a sow and fucking her tight little 18 year old pussy. He doesn't even pull out, filling her pussy up with his hot spunk.

Comments(0) 16 December 2022, 5:34 pm

Carmen Michaels, Scott Lyons

First we see voluptuous and incredibly busty ebony stunner Carmen Michaels posing outdoors next to the hip-hop limousine; photographer Scott Lyons takes a few photos of her. Indoors, Scott kicks things up a notch, convincing Carmen to get her kit off and show him what she's really working with. Those full natural titties have got to be seen to be believed - they are perfectly symmetrical, full and heavy, with extremely perky nipples that show just how turned on she is! Scott gets a bareback cocksucking and then he bends the curvaceous black whore over for a good pussy slamming.

Comments(0) 28 November 2022, 5:54 am

Imani Rose, Ralph Long

A splitting image of one of those hot TLC bitches, Imani Rose is one gotdamn searing-hot African sex bomb fa sho'! She's just crafted a song that she thinks will catapult her into instant stardom, but first, she'll have to sing into music gatekeeper, Ralph Long's flesh microphone first! Uncoiling his trouser snake, she deep-throats that veiny sumbitch while twiddling her ebony coochie. Oh, this newbie's vag ain't all loosy goosy like some worn-out chickenhead, hell no, this fresh ebony diva shrieks when Ralph drills her too hard! This vid ends in spectacular fashion with a jizz rocket straight to the dome!

Comments(0) 20 November 2022, 9:18 pm

Ice La Fox

Ice was anything but bitter, she was a smokin' hot piece of booty that we had to get back to the studio. Good thing we pulled up in the Benz wearing out best 3-piece suits or else she probably would have told us to get lost. We got her to try out ...

Comments(0) 6 October 2022, 10:11 pm

Carmen Hayes

Carmen's car breaks down in front of the CEO's offices and she gets an offer that she can't refuse! She's got some free time and we've got some new anus to fuck! Little does she know that her 'tryout' is just our chance at more anus!

Comments(0) 23 September 2022, 1:11 pm

Angel Eyes

Angel comes by to the CEO's place for her 'tryout'. She's a friend of Carmen who doesn't know much about the whole audition process. Once we mention that she'll get $2500 a day if she makes it, the bra and thongs come off! Before she realizes it, she has

Comments(0) 19 September 2022, 1:11 pm


Comments(0) 4 September 2022, 5:11 pm

Jessica Dawn, Romeo Price

Jessica Dawn has long had a dream of getting in to a rap video, but she has no idea that these auditions are going to take a turn for the sexy. Romeo Price wants to get her on his dick, so he starts with his charming routine that happens to have him sucking her tits before licking at her ebony pussy. The camera gives you some POV angles of her sucking on his dick, enjoying that vanilla treat in this interracial audition. She soon wants more than just some licking and sucking, so you're treated to a wonderful vision of that big black ass facing you as she rides his dick.

Comments(0) 26 August 2022, 5:18 am

Momoko Mitchell, Chris Strokes

Momoko Mitchell would do anything to be one of those fly girls bumpin' and grindin' on a famous rapper in those videos she's always seeing, and I do mean anything! Chris Strokes brought the cash, but with just a little nudge Momoko is showing off why her milkshakes gonna bring all the boys to the yard! She's suck that milky white pole if she has to, maybe even fuck the producer! Chris knows it and takes full advantage of the free, hot black pussy that's near begging him for it! And she rides him right into her dreams!

Comments(0) 17 August 2022, 1:04 pm

Stacey Cash

We go out to a model agency to scope out some girls! We are meeting with the agent Stacey, who's helping us with what we need. Once we mention the rapper we are doing the video for, Stacey volunteers to do what it takes to get into the video!

Comments(0) 11 July 2022, 1:41 pm

Ana X, Justice Young

Turns out that it's Ana X's lucky day! She works for a maid service, but her dream has always been to be in a music video shakin' her gorgeous anus. When she shows up to her new client's house, it turns out that he's actually really famous and can help Miss Ana X accomplish her dream. Lots of beauties show up to Justice Young's house asking to be in his flicks, so he needs to make sure that this slut is different. The only thing this sexy model can think of to make her appear different is to suck on his thick white prick, and hope that her stud hires her.

Comments(0) 3 July 2022, 7:11 am

Kapri Styles

We found Kapri at a music store. We really wanted to find a fine black ass to bang, so we told this one straight up that we cast for rap videos. We dropped the name of a hot young rap artists and we got the typical reaction. Kapri's eyes lit up and she ju

Comments(0) 19 May 2022, 2:04 pm


Brooke's got a nice round butt and she knows how to shake it! This wannabe-episode-ho jumped at the chance to audition for us. Always willing to go that extra mile, she was more than eager to suck on our hard meatsticks!

Comments(0) 4 May 2022, 2:41 am

Lacey Duvalle

Lacey was the most gorgeous slut we had ever see come in for an audition. This tramp is so hot she really COULD be in a rap scene. So that's exactly what we tried to convince her of! Unfortunately for her, we weren't the studs with the real power to make that happen.

Comments(0) 28 April 2022, 9:11 am


Comments(0) 17 April 2022, 5:28 am

Lailonni Ballixxx, John Strong

When you want to be a large star, you have to do certain things to get you there. Lailonni was waiting for a bus, when this white stud pulled up to her and offered her a spot in a rap vid. She comes into his car and down to the studio to try out, and puts on a sexy outfit so he can see if she's got the goods. She's so hot that he's instantly hard, and when he shows it to her, she realizes what she has to do to be in the rap scene. She opens her thick lips for his tool, letting him fuck her beautiful dark face. That's not the only hole he gets to bang, as he fucks her twat every which way and takes his cum in her mouth to be a massive star.

Comments(0) 12 April 2022, 10:49 am


'Chance' just wanted a chance to make it into the next jumbo movie that we told her we were shooting next week featuring one of the industry's biggest rappers. She really went the distance to prove how much she wanted the job!

Comments(0) 1 April 2022, 12:41 pm

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